Welcome to live.rel.nl

17 November 2001 rel.nl organised an extraordinary multimedia live event called 'live.rel.nl 3' in 'de zuidas' amsterdam. Featuring more than 25 performances broadcasted live on the internet and on amsterdam radio & tv.

it was awesome!

And now one question remains: 'will there ever be a live.rel.nl 4' ? Who knows.. whe might eventually... But in the mean time. our main site will be the place to visit for all the news about rel
You can check the photos and video footage of various performances in the archive covering the last 3 events. This archive has several hours of streaming video and audio.

Respect and thanks to all the volunteers and artists! Without their hard work we never could have made it so far! We also want to thank our sponsors for all the resources and support: Origin8 for hosting and helping rel 24/7 KGB*E for the sponsoring, De digitale stad for hosting the media and tss-telecom for the satellite link

Big 'thumbs up' to: Salto - DFM Rtv - radio100 - k.e.t.s. - live.dds.nl

For questions, or to get in touch with us, just drop us a line